Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions


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Hearing Tests


Ear molds

We take silicone-based ear impressions for custom ear molds and hearing aids (CIC, ITC, ITE, full shell, etc)


Dispensing Hearing Aids

We prefer Widex, Phonak and Signia hearing devices, but we can provide most major manufacturers upon request.


Programming & Adjustments

We use the most up-to-date software and firmware to program your hearing aids just right for the highest fidelity and utility catered to your needs.


Home Visits

Whether it's delivery of your hearing aids or an adjustment, we can come to you at your home or facility within a 2-3 mile radius for a reasonable fee. Please call for more information regarding availability and quote.


Cleaning & Repairs

We have cleaning stations and basic repair kits to do most hearing aid maintenance in-house, but also have cost-effective options with trusted labs if they need to be sent out.